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"You have to know the potential for change."

Company philosophy is determined by tradition, values ​​and visions. Strategic measures are concretized in business processes and, above all, in the intellectual capital of a company. With their knowledge, networking and communication, committed employees ensure the necessary transfer of knowledge. The employees with their knowledge and their communication skills represent a significant value for your company.

As experts in the introduction of new technologies, we support the internal process of a company to strengthen its future viability. Creativity, courage, innovation and a look at one's own strengths form the basis for a company's chances of success. We offer proven methods to systematically record, evaluate and make transparent your intellectual capital.

We are convinced that the best approaches to improvement and development come from own employees. Unlocking this potential and making it usable for the strategic success of your company is our knowledge.

Our customers are medium-sized family businesses that have reached their limits with their internal management capacities, who recognize the need and necessity to restructure and reposition themselves. The need for new technologies or technology partnerships will be supported by our experienced co-workers.

Our logo - the fern leaf - stands for a new beginning, strength, growth but also for sustainable corporate success.


The introduction ofnew technologies requiresspecial experience and support.Technologietransfer

Technologie Transfer

  • Support for technology search and evaluation
  • Search for suitable technology based cooperative ventures and partnerships
  • Selection and assessment of the appropriate technology
  • Integration of the chosen technology into existing processes and organisation
  • Support in your search for distributors and cooperation partners
  • Enhancing management capacity for projects at home and abroad
  • Supporting industrial engineering tasks

Project management

  • Support and assistance in your search for distributors and cooperation partners
  • Support and assistance for your entry into the German market
  • Enhancing management capacity for projects at home and abroad (reorganisation and development of company divisions)
  • Industrial engineering


 "Sustainability is conditioned by new technology!” 
Jörg Ritter,
Managing Partner


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We are members of the:

Caux Round Table is an international network of committed companies aimed at implementing sustainable ethical and social standards in companies and business relations.

VDMA Mess- und Prüftechnik

Our Partners:

RTE Transweigh India Privat Ltd., Mumbai
Joint Venture for Technology Transfer
Distribution of acoustic testing technolgy

MMikronix Gauges – Cooperation Partener for „Make in India“