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“Your vision of where you want to be is your greatest asset.”

We are experts in advising and assisting medium-sized family companies in gaining a foothold in the German market and strengthening their technological competence. To this end, we ensure the necessary technology transfer. Although our focus is on Brazil and Russia, we also look after the interests of companies from Latin America as well as the “tiger states” and newly industrialised countries (NICs).

If you are an export oriented company, we can draw up plans with you to ensure that your ideas and potential are fully realised and contribute to your success. The creation of a basis of confidence between customers, dealers, manufacturers and products is the determining factor for lasting competitive advantage today. This also includes taking account of and accepting cultural differences. We can support you in drawing up and implementing the right strategies to enable you to take the edge over your competitors on the German market.

If you are an expansion oriented company that would like to enhance its technological capabilities or adapt the quality of its products and processes to German standards, we can make competent management skills available to you. We are able to assist you in your search for suitable cooperation partners and research institutes and would be pleased to help you select the most appropriate technology based on economic criteria and process reliability.

When it comes to the highly complex process of technology transfer and the integration of technology into the existing organisation and its production processes, we can support you every step of the way to final implementation.

Creativity, courage, innovation and focusing on its own strengths are the basis for your company’s prospects of success.
“Consistently simple – in everything we do”


The introduction ofnew technologies requiresspecial support and assistance.Technologietransfer

Technologie Transfer

  • Support for and development of technology transfer
  • Search for suitable technology partners
  • Selection and assessment of the appropriate technology
  • Integration of the chosen technology into existing processes
  • Promotion of new technologies up to when they are ready for marketing
  • Development and construction of technology based cooperative ventures and partnerships

Project management

  • Support and assistance in your search for distributors and cooperation partners
  • Support and assistance for your entry into the German market
  • Enhancing management capacity for projects at home and abroad (reorganisation and development of company divisions)
  • Industrial engineering

Use ourexperience toyour advantage.Kommunikationsengineering

Entry into the market and market communication

  • Development of ideas and strategies for positioning your company and its brand(s) in Germany (company positioning)
  • Structuring and strengthening distribution work (market positioning)
  • Workshops for analysis, design and implementation (business model, distribution development, product strategy, market potential analysis, company profile)
  • Development of communication strategies


 “It’s good 
  to take action!” 
Jörg Ritter,
Managing Partner


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